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What you will discover on Valuez ?

Enhance Positive Values in an ENGAGING way

Frontal lobe development

Age-appropriate content rooted in Indian Values

Enhance Brain Power

Detoxify your Child's fragile mind

Why Valuez ?

We all know that one of the simplest, purest and greatest joys is sharing that special, close bond with your child.

We also want our child to grow with the right set of Values, a simple well told story can do wonders where no amount of scolding ever can.

Fuel the imagination of your kids and teach them real Indian values.

We aim to replace heaps of toys with this one Gift for your child and yourself.

Presenting the Valuez App and The Valuez Hut collection of Audio Books.

Perfect way to bond with your kids anytime during the day or before they sleep !

Valuez Vision

Did you know that frontal lobe of the brain which governs emotional traits and value-based judgements gets developed in young kids 5 years of age, onwards? “Valuez” content platform and mobile app aims at teaching and imbibing true, relevant values in our kids, in a fun, impactful and engaging way!
In consultation with child psychologists, instructional designers and parents, the platforms hosts games, original song rhymes, stories, values compass scenarios, interactive modules to deeply imbibe values in our kids. Other than routine and conventional subject based education, it is equally if not more important to teach real life values to our kids. Some of the sample values covered in form of learning games, original stories and rhymes are as follows:

  • Teach your sons to respect Girls and the importance of taking permission

  • Respect our Armed forces - difference between reel and real heroes

  • Sometimes Momma Papa may fight - but they are always on the same team

  • Importance of Cousins and Family events

  • Why sleep in your own room?

The list of values is ever growing in consultation with experts and feedback from an engaged parent community. The emphasis is on not making the delivery “preachy”, “condescending” or typical “Moral stories” mode. Instead interaction and fun stories, exposure to culture, relevant news and current affairs for kids in a language they understand, are continual focus areas. Our VALUE is sum of our VALUES!

Did you know?

Fairy Tale of Thumbelina in Hindi alone has ~150 Million views by Young kids, Snow White and Seven Dwarfs has ~120 Million views, Cinderella has over ~200 Million views. What do we show to our young, impressionable minds?

Here are some of the main plots in popular stories we show to kids, mostly without even realizing

  • Pinnochio kills his only Friend with a Hammer

  • Cinderella's step-sisters were urged by their Mom to "Cut off" a part of their heel with a Knife to fit into the glass slippers

  • In original story, Little Mermaid is so tortured that she kills herself

  • In Thumbelina, a young little girl goes through multiple suitors she rejects for their "Ugly" looks

  • Nearly all Fairy tales end in marriage of the young girl who is a damsel in distress rescued by a Man whose only virtue is his good looks

And so on....

In today's day and age when definition of "Quality time" with Kids is somewhat do we talk effectively to our Kids about the real "Values" we want them to grow with?

Would it not be amazing if "Daadi", "Naani" could actually record their "own" value stories for kids to hear even when their Grannies are not around!??


The mode of distribution of this content is through following:

  • Own Mobile App called "Valuez" currently released in India and USA on Android platform

  • E-books and Audio books (available soon)

  • LMS platform (available soon)

  • Physical books (technology enabled to read stories or sing rhymes upon scanning from App)

It can be used together with "The Valuez Hut" Books, which are in physical book, e-book and read aloud book formats, which can be bought separately and tell original stories and Song Rhymes just by scan of a code through the App, even as you read a Story from the Book

Now Daadi, Naani can actually record their own stories through the App and Kids can listen to them any time even when they are not around

Values compass scenarios to present situations to the kids, interactions, games and engage them to respond in a "Right" manner

News from around the World relevant to the kids in an interesting way, Special sleep and Wake up music, Cultural snippets from all over India

Interesting Stories of inspiring anecdotes from lives of Indian Stalwarts like APJ Abdul Kalam, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel and so on…

Our Team

Harsh Roy

Mohit Garg

Sonali Sharma
Core Team, Instructional Design

Aditya Raj Singh
Core Team, Product design and Marketing

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